Kidz Paradize -  Brainy Alert Blend Roll On

Kidz Paradize - Brainy Alert Blend Roll On

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Be it a student or a working adult, all of us have one thing in common – the need to stay alert. Be it for an upcoming exam or big project at work, it is important for us to have the mental capacity to take on those challenges. This is where the Brainy Alert Blend comes in – it helps us to gain mental clarity, increases our alertness and concentration. It also helps to reduce brain fog, and promotes focus. The Brainy Alert Blend is especially useful for days where we need the extra push, especially when we have to burn the midnight oil. Do not let your tiredness stop you from doing your best – the Brainy Alert Blend is here to give you the big brain energy you need to tackle your challenges with clarity!


Grapeseed Oil, Bergamot, Lavender, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Jasmine, Ginger & Cedarwood Essential Oil

Primary Benefits

  • To stay alert
  • To boost concentration
  • To stay focused

Directions To Use

Apply the blend and rub on your crown, back of the head, middle of the eyebrow and then inhale.

This product is suitable for schooling kids to adults.