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Magika  - JM Advance

Magika - JM Advance

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It's time for a change! JM Advance Green Coffee is the solution to your busy lifestyle and lack of workout regimen. It supports weight loss by reducing appetite, boosting metabolism and providing energy. All these without any side effects due to its natural ingredients.

With its easy-to-carry packaging, JM Advance is made convenient for consumption. It’s certified by health bodies and passed lab test to be safe place for focus on your healthy lifestyle goals.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Superfood content provides you the ability to reap other health benefits apart from weight loss with ease.

NUTRIENT DENSE! The pre-mixed powder form ensures easy preparation so that you can consume it in a matter of seconds by just pouring in hot water. 

DOES THE TRICK! Don't hesitate - Now is the time - Enjoy JM Advance and focus on your weight loss goal once again.

Green Coffee Extract, Instant Arabica Coffee, Hoodia Gordonii Extract, Chia Seed Powder, Spirulina, Sweet Whey, Non-Dairy Creamer & Fructose.

JM Advance is NOT suitable for the following:

+ Pregnant women
+ Kidney patient
+ Cancer patient
+ Cyst patient
+ Chronic diabetes patient
+ Nursing mum (1-6 months)
+ Chronic high blood pressure patient

Content: 15 sachets X 21g

✔️ Detox
✔️ Anti-ageing
✔️ Anti-oxidant
✔️ Moisturizes skin
✔️ Improves digestion
✔️ Boosts daily energy
✔️ Suppresses appetite
✔️ Improves metabolism
✔️ Reduces bad cholesterol
✔️ Maintains blood sugar level
✔️ And many more...